New Music: Scenery's "Lady Bird" Cassette Now Available!


I'm very proud to present Scenery's Lady Bird Cassette. It's our first release since 2017's full length Two StaresWhile the latter was a sweat-filled summer of partying, love, and loss, Lady Bird is a quieter, more intimate night on the lake. 

There's a lot I could say about it, so I'll just say it in bullet form:

  • The album cover of this release is very special to me. The photo was taken by my grand-uncle Roland Chatham in 1947. The subject was his girlfriend, my beloved Aunt Catherine, whom we lost in 2016. She was truly a Lady Bird, as she flew airplanes in WWII in an elite women's air group. I love how my talented friend, Bryan Butler, took the photo and brought it together perfectly.
  • The title track, Lady Bird, is a story about falling in and out of love in Austin in the late 90s and early 2000s. Back then there used to be impromptu concerts in the middle of the Lamar Street pedestrian bridge. That's what I'm referring to in the chorus when I sing "Meet me on the bridge over Lady Bird and I'll sing you my song." It has since been pointed out to me that Austin's Town Lake wasn't renamed "Lady Bird Lake" until 2007. I think that really just speaks to how our memories and nostalgia can be so wildly approximate, with people, places, and times conflated into a single picture; a single feeling. That's what we tried to do with this song.
  • The B-side, Queen of the Night, is also very special to me. When my good friend Elizabeth Lodowski passed away in 2016 her boyfriend gave one of the most moving eulogies I've ever heard. She wrestled with cancer for several years, but they only met a couple of years before she died. This is my best attempt of catching that moment and putting it into a song.
  • This is the first album I've put out of my own music that I didn't play a large role in mixing since the passing of my best friend and partner in music, Travis Bannerman. Major props to John Michael Landon at Estuary Studios for mixing the two featured tracks with such skill and care. 
  • This was also the first time I've employed anyone for mastering except for Travis or the ever-so-talented Tim Gerron. Big shout out to Kevin Butler at Test Tube Audio for last-second mastering that was perfectly crisp and clean. 

You can listen below or on Spotify and you can purchase a physical cassette on our bandcamp site

Scenery's TWO STARES now available everywhere!

Scenery's first full-length album, Two Stares, is now available everywhere!
You can order a physical CD here for just $10, or check out your favorite digital music service below.



New Gentle Wolves Track: O Lord Our Words Don't Work Any More

The past week has been a rough one for many of us; the police killings, the police being killed (in my hometown).  

Yesterday while many were posting on social media to process the societal carnage, I wrote and recorded this song. 

"O Lord Our Words Don't Work Anymore" is meant to be sung communally, and so it will be. I'm not exactly sure if I like it or not, but maybe it can be helpful for you to confess with me in these dark days. 

O Lord our words don’t work anymore
We talk and sing till the air is warm
But we can’t convey what needs to be said
We need your Word to cure our dread! 
Yes we need your Word to cure our dread! 

O Lord our ears don’t work anymore
Our neighbors cry but we’re deaf for sure
So we cannot hear what your Spirit says
We need your voice to raise the dead! 
Yes we need your voice to raise the dead! 

O Lord our hands don’t work any more
We thought they did but they’ve grown quite worn
From building shrines to gods unknown
We need you Lord to reclaim your throne! 
Yes we need you Lord to reclaim your throne! 

O Lord our feet don’t work any more
We crawl around in the dirt evermore
We’ve chosen paths that scar and mame
Savior bring healing to the lame! 
Savior bring healing to the lame! 

O Lord our heads don’t work any more
We think we know the truth for sure
But we get so lost in thoughts base and vain
Humble us with wisdom’s reins! 
Yes humble us with wisdom’s reins!

Here is a link to the PDF song sheet.


New Music: Scenery - "For the Record" Single Now Available Online

My newish band Scenery has released our second single, For the Record. It is available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and anywhere your ears care to consume. You can also listen to it by just clicking on the play button below.

Several folks have asked me about the song's dark nature, and who I might have kissed in 1993 that would be giving me such present-day alcoholism. Well, in a dramatic departure from the overly heady and deeply spiritual music I have become known for, I have let my songwriting for Scenery be fictional, universal, and as sappy as Robert Smiths'. It has been a lot of fun. Seeing as I have never allowed myself to just write songs that weren't part of a concept album or meant to be sung in liturgical worship.... it's very refreshing.
So hopefully you, or anyone, can find something you identify with enough to sing along or get down on the dancefloor.