New Music: "Into the Woods My Master Went" Compilation Out Today! FREE!

Last summer my good friend Seth Woods sent me this picture with a text saying: 
"Dude. I'm doing some childcare for my friend's Mennonite congregation today, but they are having their retreat at a baptist camp. I am going through a hymnal. Most baptist hymns annoy me, mostly because they have no mystery or subtlety. But i came across this short, weird hymn called "into the woods my master went. It's awesome and creepy."

I quickly responded: "Weird. What does this song even mean? Let's each retune this thing and put it out in time for Holy Week... because it's talking about Gethsemane and Golgotha right?"

The retune project grew as we invited our talented friends Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record, Mountain Time), Alex Dupree (Idyl), Jana Horn (Reservations, Knife in the Water), and Bruce Benedict (Cardiphonia, Hope College) to submit versions as well. 

It is now available, just in time for Holy Week. 
I'm so proud with how it turned out.
Click the album cover to listen, and you can download it for free from the bandcamp page.

Announcing The Gentle Wolves' First Live Album "Lament" Out 3/1/17


The Gentle Wolves are proud to announce the release of their first live album. These recordings come from Servant Church's lament worship gathering on 1/29/17. The purpose of the liturgy was to confess and mourn the way we, the Church, have failed when it comes to dealing with our people's sexuality and gender. 

The Album will only be released digitally, and will be available in time for Lent on Ash Wednesday 3/1 on the Gentle Wolves bandcamp site.  You can hear one of the songs by clicking on the album cover above.

This powerful set includes some of The Gentle Wolves' most emotive music, including adaptations of songs by Mahalia Jackson, A Silver Mount Zion, Mineral, The Whiskey Priest and Chris Simpson. We try to ensure that the Gentle Wolves aren't a 'cover band' by thoroughly reworking the material to fit God's purposes in our context. 
The setlist looks like this:

1) O God We Waited So Long (original)
2) Troubles of the World (Mahalia Jackson)
3) When the World is Sick (A Silver Mount Zion)
4) Holy Ghost With Light Divine (Seth Woods)
5) Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song (Lori Chaffer)
6) Been in this War for Too Long (Chris Simpson)
7) Blessed Lord in You is Refuge (original) LISTEN NOW
8) Modern Living (Chris Simpson)
9) The Last Word is Rejoice (Mineral)

If you ever wonder where some of the best indie-rock musicians in Austin are spending their Sunday mornings, the ones who aren't sleeping in are at Servant Church.

Guitar and Vocals: Richard Kentopp (Scenery)
Vocals: Diana Rudd
Guitar: Mitch Holt (Ex: The Rocketboys)
Guitar: Ben Lance (Booher, Broken Gold)
Bass: Paul Price (Good Field) 
Drums: Andy Beaudoin (Nori, The Eastern Sea)
Piano: Kyle Robertson (Good Field)
Horns: Jonathan Hoyle

Album Art: Trina Bolfing
Recording, Mixing, and Mastering: Richard Kentopp


New Gentle Wolves Track: O Lord Our Words Don't Work Any More

The past week has been a rough one for many of us; the police killings, the police being killed (in my hometown).  

Yesterday while many were posting on social media to process the societal carnage, I wrote and recorded this song. 

"O Lord Our Words Don't Work Anymore" is meant to be sung communally, and so it will be. I'm not exactly sure if I like it or not, but maybe it can be helpful for you to confess with me in these dark days. 

O Lord our words don’t work anymore
We talk and sing till the air is warm
But we can’t convey what needs to be said
We need your Word to cure our dread! 
Yes we need your Word to cure our dread! 

O Lord our ears don’t work anymore
Our neighbors cry but we’re deaf for sure
So we cannot hear what your Spirit says
We need your voice to raise the dead! 
Yes we need your voice to raise the dead! 

O Lord our hands don’t work any more
We thought they did but they’ve grown quite worn
From building shrines to gods unknown
We need you Lord to reclaim your throne! 
Yes we need you Lord to reclaim your throne! 

O Lord our feet don’t work any more
We crawl around in the dirt evermore
We’ve chosen paths that scar and mame
Savior bring healing to the lame! 
Savior bring healing to the lame! 

O Lord our heads don’t work any more
We think we know the truth for sure
But we get so lost in thoughts base and vain
Humble us with wisdom’s reins! 
Yes humble us with wisdom’s reins!

Here is a link to the PDF song sheet.