New Music: The Gentle Wolves "Waiting" out Friday 11/10/17

Waiting Final Cover.PNG

With the anticipatory season of Advent being imminent, I'm proud to announce Waitingthe second live album from the Gentle Wolves. It's a collection of seven songs recorded at Servant Church's worship back on July 30th, 2017. It will be available digitally on the Gentle Wolves' website, and through their bandcamp page.

Relying heavily on Tom Waits, the patron saint of reverent agnosticism, we were able to extract a meaningful thread that week which perfectly fits the pregnant pause that is Advent. I hope that this can be both meaningful and useful for you as we prepare for Christmas.

1) We Are Waiting Blessed Savior (an RK retune)
2) Way Down in the Hole (Tom Waits)/Wade in the Water (traditional)
3) Jesus Gunna Be Here (Tom Waits)
4) When Morning Dawns (an RK retune)
5) Song is So Old (Seth Woods)
6) My Shepherd Is (an RK retune)

Guitar/Vocals: Richard Kentop
Vocals: Katy Evans
Guitar: David McClendon
Drums: Andy Beaudoin
Piano: Redding Hunter
Bass: Mark Epstein

Announcing "Into the Woods My Master Went" Retune Compilation

Last summer my good friend Seth Woods sent me this picture with a text saying: 
"Dude. I'm doing some childcare for my friend's Mennonite congregation today, but they are having their retreat at a baptist camp. I am going through a hymnal. Most baptist hymns annoy me, mostly because they have no mystery or subtlety. But i came across this short, weird hymn called "into the woods my master went. It's awesome and creepy."

I quickly responded: "Weird. What does this song even mean? Let's each retune this thing and put it out in time for Holy Week... because it's talking about Gethsemane and Golgotha right?"



The retune project grew as we invited our good friends Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record, Mountain Time), Alex Dupree (Idyl), Jana Horn (Reservations, Knife in the Water), and Bruce Benedict (Cardiphonia, Hope College) to submit versions as well. 

I'm so excited to announce that it will come out digitally next week, Friday 4/7, just in time for Holy Week. Check here for more details on how to get it.




UMC Young People's Ministries Interview Richard Kentopp

UMC Young People's ministry recently interviewed me for their podcast. I'm pretty rambly and not particularly helpful to their larger conversation. I hadn't slept much the night before because of my baby. But... if you're interested in hearing how I got into music and music ministry, my current listening, my thoughts on worship music in general, and lots more... this is the episode for you!

New Band, New Single

I've recently started a new band with my friends. We're called Scenery. We just put out our first single entitled Radio Beach. Please take a listen, and if you feel so inclined, please make it the Summer Jam of your 2015. You can listen and download for free at our bandcamp page.