New Gentle Wolves Track "Do Not Be Afraid"


When we set my final date back in the fall I knew what my last liturgy would be called: Do Not Be Afraid. We didn’t, however, know how turbulent things would be within our community and in our denomination. Though my departure is completely unrelated to both of these circumstances, it seems that God is already planning the next phase in the life of Servant Church, and his Church worldwide. It can be a time for fear or a time for hope.

Because of all of this, in collaboration with long time Wolves Ross Gilfillan, Paul Price, and Molly Kentopp, I wrote and recorded this song for the people of Servant Church. I hope it can offer encouragement to those who mourn, and peace those who face an uncertain future.

Friends, look to the Lord together and do not be afraid!

Here is the chord chart.

UMC Young People's Ministries Interview Richard Kentopp

UMC Young People's ministry recently interviewed me for their podcast. I'm pretty rambly and not particularly helpful to their larger conversation. I hadn't slept much the night before because of my baby. But... if you're interested in hearing how I got into music and music ministry, my current listening, my thoughts on worship music in general, and lots more... this is the episode for you!