New Music: Gentle Wolves' Version of "Revolution Choir" Available Now


Alex Dupree had long been a fixture of the Austin music world before he relocated to California a few years ago. He was incredibly influential on the early music of Mosaic, one of the churches I helped lead from 2008-2014. Seth Woods hatched the idea to do a tribute to Alex's songs and his broad body of work. 

The Gentle Wolves of Servant Church, like Mosaic before it, has long valued his song The Revolution Choir, singing it regularly in worship. It's an incredibly powerful poem, of which Alex never released a proper recording. For the compilation, No Sense in Stopping Here: A Tribute to the Songs of Alex Dupree, The Gentle Wolves have contributed a live version of the song

I was also able to help record, produce, and mix the Teen Idyls brutal version of Mind/Maker.